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The idea for Work Week was first conceived in 2015. I despised my job, which consisted of working for an egomaniacal married couple in a small design studio in Venice Beach.

My disgust with the working conditions and the mental manipulation my bosses imposed on me led to an interesting (at least sarcastically so) after-work “game”: my coworkers and I would often celebrate the end of each day by proclaiming what percentage of the week we had officially completed by leaving the office (20% on Mondays, 40% on Tuesdays, etc.).

workweek.info, the website you are currently visiting, was the first self-initiated project I designed, developed, and launched in November 2015, two weeks after I quit that job and began my pursuit for sanity and workplace decency. If it weren’t obvious enough, this is a satirical attempt at exposing an unhappiness many of us try hard to conceal: the current way the workforce is set up to operate feels imprisoning.

An iOS app was launched in March 2020. It was developed by Jeff Algera at Principal LA. You can reach me at contact@gabeferreira. Please send your thoughts, comments, and hate mail: I promise they will be read.

Yours truly—Gabe Ferreira.